The value of knowing your audience

25 July 2012 , 0

In order to achieve your company’s marketing goals, it’s important to know who you are targeting.

Spending time and resources implementing marketing plans which deliver limited results could mean that your message was not targeted to the right audience.

It’s impossible to make your message relevant if you don’t know your audience. Conduct market research and keep the results in mind as you plan your next marketing strategy, including your target market’s needs, interests, media consumption, use of language and how you can use this information to your advantage.

Really taking the time to think about who your audience is, and who will be most responsive to the message you are communicating will deliver the best results.

Who is your audience?

Finding these key characteristics of your audience and developing customised marketing content directly targeted to them will help your company achieve its marketing goals.

  • Where are they located?
  • Where do they work?
  • What industry are they involved in?
  • What is their relationship with your company?
  • Do they use social media, and if so, what platforms?
  • How do they engage with media?
  • What other companies do they engage with and how?

Once you know who your audience is you will know what marketing content will interest them. The idea is to get your audience coming back for more.

In order to know whether the marketing plan has been successful at achieving goals, results need to be measurable. Quantifiable success rates also enable you to make adjustments if the plan isn’t proving effective.

Knowing your audience will result in:

  • Improved marketing results
  • Effective and relevant communication of the messages your company delivers
  • Financial gain
  • Better media presence.

Industry Marketing Solutions provides full-service custom market research through focus groups and surveys to understand your audience, brand and market conditions.

For more information contact Business Development Manager Candice de Chalain on +61 3 9248 5100 or email {encode=”” title=””}


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